Welcome UUWomenspirit Sisters!


I am so excited about this opportunity to provide you with all the pretties embroidered with the new UUWomenspirit logo that your hearts desire. If you were at the Spring event, you probably saw a few of the things I embroidered with the new logo. These are far from the only possibilities. Some other ideas are tote bags, shoulder bags, T-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, hats, tarot bags, messenger bags....the possibilities are nearly endless. Let me know what you might like to see!


When you order any of these logo items, UUWomenspirit gets the same 10% share that would be donated for items sold at Brigid's Bazaar.


Contact me if you have any questions or suggestions!


For more information about UUWomenspirit or UUWomenspirit events, please go to uuwomenspirit.org

These photos show items I made for the Spring 2016 event, "We Walk with HER, as ONE" and I'll be making them with the new UUWS logo ASAP. In the meantime, if you'd like to order one of these items with the new logo, just let me know!