Hand-Dyed Clothing and Accessories

Dye Painted Dresses

One-of-a-kind dresses, painted by hand with dye, so the color becomes part of the fabric, rather than sitting on top. The back is a mirror image of the front. Cotton knit fabric is comfortable and makes the fit nice and forgiving. 



One-of-a-kind Aprons, Dresses, and Totes. 

Start at $25

Silk Scarves

Unique and versatile. Wear them, wrap tarot cards or jewelry in them, or lay them out as altar/dresser cloths. 

Start at $20

Silk Shawls

There are many ways to wear these delicate fringed shawls, plus they're lovely for home decor. 


Silk Veils

Floaty semi-circular silk veils are lovely accessories for belly dance. 


Silk Ties

Men like unique pieces of art to wear, too!