60% Superwash Merino Wool

20% Yak

20% Silk

Sock: 400 yd/100g



Heather is magical!


This blend of 3 great fibers makes an awesome yarn. Bouncy superwash merino, shining silk, and super-soft yak all add their best qualities, and you're going to love the result. Undyed, Heather is a soft heathered gray, due to the natural dark brown color of the yak. After dyeing, the heathered effect remains, and the gray is transformed into rich, dark shades with beautiful subtle highlights from the different ways that wool and silk take dyes.


Check out Heather on Ravelry to see all the beautiful projects made from this yarn!

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For even more possibilities, you're welcome to choose your favorite colorway shown on another yarn* or fiber. Just keep in mind that they all take dyes a little differently, and colors come out substantially darker on yarns with yak content. Colorways shown on Sally or Bjorn will be most true on Heather.


*Not Neil, Steve, or Terry, as cotton-based yarns use completely different dyes.

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