Peacock Gradient Set: Fred Sock


Peacock Gradient Set: Fred Sock


75% Superwash Merino Wool
25% Nylon
463 yd/100g


A Gradient Set is made up of 10 mini skeins, 10 grams each, equivalent to one skein of Fred Sock yarn.


It’s no surprise that Fred is my best selling yarn!


In sock weight, Fred is a classic sock yarn in beautiful, saturated colors. It’s super soft, round and bouncy. This generous skein will make a pair of socks (even for big feet!), or a small shawl.


If you order 2 (or more) I'll default to multiple sets of 10 gram mini-skeins, but if you'd prefer 20 gram (or larger multiples) minis, just let me know in the notes at the end.

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