Sally Lace in Atlantis


Sally Lace in Atlantis


65% Superwash Merino Wool
20% Silk
15% Yak
872 yd/100g


Sally is a fluffy cloud of delight!


Sally is also a social justice warrior. At least 10% of all proceeds from Sally will be donated to the ACLU.


This blend of 3 great fibers makes an awesome yarn. Bouncy superwash merino, shining silk, and super-soft yak all add their best qualities, and you're going to love the result. Yak is naturally a dark brown color, so this yarn starts out as a soft heathered gray. When it's dyed, it maintains that heathered effect, and has amazing depth and richness to the colors. The texture of the single ply adds a lot of character to your projects, and enhances the floaty halo of the yak.


Almost all of my yarns are also available dyed to order.

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